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Iced Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake

Refreshing is not normally a word I would use to describe a cake, but that is the best way to describe this iced blueberry lemon pound cake.


Espresso Rice Krispie Treats With Baileys

Rice Krispie treats don’t really need any improvements. However, you might think twice about eating plain rice krispie treats after trying these espresso rice krispie treats with Baileys Irish Cream.


Baileys Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

St. Partrick’s Day is right around the corner and if you are more interested in eating your calories, rather than drinking them, you’re going to want to make these Baileys double chocolate chip cookies.


No-Bake Nanaimo Bars

Hello Canada, why have you been hiding these no-bake Nanaimo bars for so long! If you’re like me and haven’t heard of Nanaimo Bars, get ready for them to quickly become your favorite no-bake dessert.


Jelly Donut Babka

Babka has to be in the top five when it comes to desserts. Basically, any filling you put in the pillowy dough is pretty delicious, especially chocolate and cinnamon. However, they may have some new competition with this new jelly donut babka recipe

kumquat cake

Ricotta Cake with Kumquat Marmalade

Big fan of kumquats? Not even sure what they really are? If you like oranges, and pretty much any citrus fruits, you’ll be pretty happy with this ricotta cake with kumquat marmalade.