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Peach Cobbler Cookies

Sometimes a recipe is so good that you cannot wait to make it again. That is exactly what happened with these peach cobbler cookies. I know what you’re thinking, peach cobbler doesn’t belong in a cookie. It’s too messy and gooey. However, I am here to prove you wrong. These peach cobbler cookies combine the best features of a giant cookie with a peach crumble for the ultimate summer dessert.

Crumble Bars

  Can’t decide between making a pie or a crumble? Well, have I got the solution for you: Crumble Bars. Crumble bars are the ultimate summer dessert. They are flakey, fruity, and crumbly (but in such a good way). The bars have three distinct layers, a shortbread, fruit, a crumb topping. They are super versatile, easy to make, and most importantly they are a true crowd-pleaser. When making the crumble bars, I tend to choose fruit that is in season. Peaches and cherries are in peak form right now, so it didn’t take long to think that they would be just the right choice for the filling. Okay, so let’s get back to those layers. The bottom layer and the base of the bars is brown butter shortbread. Could you make these with regular butter? For sure. Would they be as good? Definitely not. The brown butter gives the flakey bottom an extra boost and caramelizes the butter. The flavors are rich and the perfect partner for the next layer. So, the best thing about …

The Hunt For Yeast

Like everyone else during this crazy time, I have started to bake bread. I’ve baked bread before but it never really was my go-to baking project. I’ve baked challah for many Jewish holidays, made yeasted desserts, and even gone the cinnamon roll route. However, plain old bread never really was a priority.