Apple Hand Pies

Would it really be Thanksgiving if there wasn’t some apple pie for dessert? An apple dessert is a must-have for my family during Thanksgiving. Over the years, apple desserts have taken different forms on my family’s Thanksgiving table. It’s been in classic pies, crumbles, and cakes. Since Thanksgiving is toned down this year, I wanted to […]


Apple Cider Caramel Shortbread Cookies

I think I’ve fallen down an apple-themed dessert hole! For the past month, it has been all about the apples. Apple cake, apple cider donuts, and apple pie cookies. Luckily, they haven’t gotten old yet and there is still plenty of apple baked goods to go around. Which leads me […]


Chocolate Halloween Bark

Bark is one of the most crowd-pleasing desserts on the planet! Seriously, who doesn’t love a mashup of chocolate, Oreos, and candy? This chocolate Halloween bark is certainly decorated for the upcoming holiday, but you can easily make this any time of the year. This chocolate Halloween bark is also […]


Monster Cupcakes

It’s spooky season! Halloween is right around the corner and while trick-or-treating may look a little different this year, the spirit certainly does not. These monster cupcakes are the perfect treat for the holiday. They may not be very spooky, but they are very adorable. Making these little monster cupcakes […]


Cinnamon Pear Loaf Cake

We all know apple cake is good but what about pear cake? Pears tend to get lost in the shuffle in the fall baking season. I am here to change that with this cinnamon pear loaf cake! Now, I’ll be honest. This loaf cake was originally made with apples and […]

Apple Cider Donuts

Apple Cider Donuts

Apples are finally back in season and you know what that means! Fresh apple cider. Do you know what is even better about fresh apple cider? Fresh apple cider donuts. Now the best apple cider donuts are the ones that are piping hot out of the fryer and doused in […]

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake

It truly wouldn’t be fall baking season without some pumpkin, right? This year I am going full force into fall flavors. We’re taking apple pie cookies, cider doughnuts, and this pumpkin spice coffee cake!! I love a good coffee cake. It’s a great dessert and a true crowd-pleaser. Most importantly, […]

Apple Pie Cookies

Apple Pie Cookies

Fall baking season is in full swing. While I am sad to see stone fruit season coming to an end, I am fully embracing all of the apples and pumpkins! Speaking of apples, let’s talk about these APPLE PIE COOKIES! Yes, you read that right. These cookies are truly the […]


Apple Cinnamon Babka

Babka is always a good idea, especially when it is filled with cinnamon and apples. Whenever I make babka, I am always thinking of the different flavor combinations. S’mores, chocolate peanut butter, or even something savory. That’s when I got the idea for apple cinnamon babka. Rosh Hashanah seemed like […]

Fig Cake

Cast Iron Skillet Fig Cake

Let’s talk about fig season! One of the only silver linings of the weather cooling down is fig season! When I saw those fresh containers of figs lining the shelves of Whole Foods I was instantly excited. I was a little disappointed that it meant summer was winding down, but […]