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S’mores Babka

First things first, nothing is wrong with classic babka, especially chocolate babka. However, every time I am eating chocolate babka I am brainstorming other possible flavor combinations. Finally this summer, I went ahead with the s’mores babka that has been brewing in my mind. I normally stick to the classics when making babka. Since it is a little bit of a process it always seems easier to keep it simple. Chocolate and cinnamon are also pretty crowd-pleasing, so they seem to be the go-to flavor.

Rainbow Sprinkle Loaf Cake

  Sprinkles just make everything better. It’s a fact. Case in point: Rainbow Sprinkle Loaf Cake. Now, what exactly is this sprinkle cake? Think your basic vanilla pound cake taken to the next level with a streusel crumbs and tons of sprinkle. I’ve seen this recipe floating around Instagram for a while. It comes from Bake From Scratch (@thebakefeed) and quickly made its way into my saved recipe folder once I saw it. I am a sucker for anything with a crumb topping, so I figured this had to be delicious. While this loaf cake is overwhelmed with color, it is actually pretty simple to make. The base of the cake is your standard loaf cake. Think of an elevated boxed cake mix. Butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, and salt. You know the drill. Once the batter is set up, the sprinkles go in head first! Make sure to mix them in well in order to get an even burst of color. Now for the star of the show: the streusel crumb topping. The topping, …

Welcome to Crisp and Crumble

Hello! I am glad you’re here! I’m Margo, a self-taught baker from New Jersey. I come from a long line of family cooks and have been helping out in the kitchen since I can remember. I’ve started Crisp and Crumble to share my love of baking. The recipes are inspired by my favorite treats, family traditions, and seasonal ingredients. You’ll also find a great mix of healthy-ish treats and incredibly indulgent desserts. I hope you are inspired to create on your own! Happy baking!!