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Apple Cinnamon Babka

Babka is always a good idea, especially when it is filled with cinnamon and apples. Whenever I make babka, I am always thinking of the different flavor combinations. S’mores, chocolate peanut butter, or even something savory. That’s when I got the idea for apple cinnamon babka. Rosh Hashanah seemed like the perfect occasion to try out this idea. Apples are always severed for the holiday with honey for a sweet new year. While this babka doesn’t have any honey, it is certainly VERY sweet. I made the cinnamon apple babka using my classic babka recipe. The dough is a standard yeasted dough and pretty simple to make. The hardest part is being patient while it is rising for a few hours. Let’s talk about the apples. I chose to use Granny Smith because they have a good balance of sweet and tart. They also bake very well and hold up great in desserts. In order to make sure the apple flavor was spread throughout the babka, I chopped them into very fine pieces and spread …


S’mores Babka

First things first, nothing is wrong with classic babka, especially chocolate babka. However, every time I am eating chocolate babka I am brainstorming other possible flavor combinations. Finally this summer, I went ahead with the s’mores babka that has been brewing in my mind. I normally stick to the classics when making babka. Since it is a little bit of a process it always seems easier to keep it simple. Chocolate and cinnamon are also pretty crowd-pleasing, so they seem to be the go-to flavor.