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Oreo Blondies

Oreo Blondies With Chocolate Eggs

Happy first day of spring! I’ve got the perfect treat to celebrate the return of the warm weather with these Oreo blondies with chocolate eggs!


Espresso Rice Krispie Treats With Baileys

Rice Krispie treats don’t really need any improvements. However, you might think twice about eating plain rice krispie treats after trying these espresso rice krispie treats with Baileys Irish Cream.


No-Bake Nanaimo Bars

Hello Canada, why have you been hiding these no-bake Nanaimo bars for so long! If you’re like me and haven’t heard of Nanaimo Bars, get ready for them to quickly become your favorite no-bake dessert.

Blood Orange Citrus Bars

Blood Orange Citrus Bars

Baking in the winter with fresh produce isn’t always as easy as it is in the summer. The summer is overly generous when it comes to stone fruit and berries. When it comes to winter, it isn’t as easy. The one exception to that rule? Citrus fruits, specifically blood oranges and these blood orange citrus bars.


Leftover Candy Rice Krispy Treats

Happy 50% off on candy day! It’s the day after Halloween, so you know what that means. Tons and tons of leftover candy. Candy is great on its own, but it is even better surrounded by melted marshmallows and rice cereal. These leftover candy rice Krispy treats are the perfect […]

Key Lime Pie Bars

Key Lime Pie Bars

Key Lime Pie is all about the layers. A layer of crust, a layer of lime curd, and a heaping layer of whipped cream.  What more could you want? Well, all of the right ingredients first. Back in April when groceries were still sparse, I attempted to make a key […]


Blood Orange Shortbread Bars

I’m all about the seasonal fruits. Berries and stone fruit in the summer and spring, apples and figs in the fall, and oranges in the winter. My current obsession: blood oranges.