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Rice pudding cake

Rice Pudding Cake with Mango Caramel

Food mashups can be a big swing. Sometimes they work and sometimes, they are best to be left along. This rice pudding cake though? Definitely a mashup worth trying.

Blood Orange Citrus Bars

Blood Orange Citrus Bars

Baking in the winter with fresh produce isn’t always as easy as it is in the summer. The summer is overly generous when it comes to stone fruit and berries. When it comes to winter, it isn’t as easy. The one exception to that rule? Citrus fruits, specifically blood oranges and these blood orange citrus bars.


Blood Orange Shortbread Bars

I’m all about the seasonal fruits. Berries and stone fruit in the summer and spring, apples and figs in the fall, and oranges in the winter. My current obsession: blood oranges.